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Empty pool costing you money?

Turn your money pit pool into a smart investment with Swimple. Like Airbnb for swimming pools, Swimple lets you rent out your pool by the hour to your local community. Control your own bookings and earn extra income with Swimple.

Sound good? We thought so, too.


Smart pool owners don't pay for their pools

Rent your pool out and start making it pay for itself!

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We'll also send you our handy guide to getting your pool Swimple-ready, including:

💦 How to make your pool sell itself through gorgeous photography and compelling copy
💦 What insurance you need to make sure you're covered for all instances of swimmer-related incidents
💦 AND how to give your swimmers the best possible experience, so they keep coming back for more!


Why Swimple?

All kinds of people love private swimming for all kinds of reasons.

From families who want their kids to be able to play outside the lanes, to adults who want some peace, and nervous or neurodiverse swimmers, the demand is huge, and we want you to benefit from it.

In fact, our test pool has proved so popular the owners are enjoying a decent income from it -
fully booked from day 1! 

Whether you have an unheated outdoor pool, or a full-on luxe spa pad, we’ll find the swimmers who will love your pool, and help you make your pool start paying for itself.

This is smart pool ownership: simple private pool hire you control.

Share the joy of private swimming


Our pool owners tell us it's not all about the money - that sharing the joy of private swimming with their communities is jolly nice too.

Your space, your rules

Your swimmers want to have a great time, and you want to be relaxed and happy with what is allowed in your space. So your pool rules... Well, they rule!

The Swimple app makes it easy for you to be in control. You set the hours, you decide the price, and you choose whether to accept each booking. 

Your pool is an asset, but it’s also part of your home - just as the first Swimple pool was part of our family home. 


3 Steps to Swimple


To get your pool ready to pay for itself is just a matter of deciding what you are (and aren't) including in your service, having the right insurance in place, and increasing your pool maintenance in line with usage.

It's... Swimple! 
(See what we did there?!)

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